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With the changes taking place in the world and our economy, and the push for a greener earth and people to become self-sufficient, the idea of the "backyard" farmer has taken root and slowly gaining popularity. However, the average individual doesn't have thousands nor want to invest thousands into expensive fancy greenhouse kits, sheds or chicken coops so we have recently begun the production once again of the once very popular E-Z Frame bracket. The bracket was originally designed back in the 70's by my father and were sold across the country in various hardware and lumber stores. Today you can find them right here VISIT OUR E-Z Shop!

We are located in the beautiful scenery of North Idaho! Abundant with mountains, lakes, fields and wildlife. Our E-Z Frames have been put to the test here under all kinds of weather conditions we get here throughout the year from heavy snow in the winter to high wind storms in the spring and fall and intense heat during the summer months! We ship all over the world and feel confident that no matter where you live, our E-Z Frame brackets will survive the test!

The E-Z Frame bracket is designed to make framing a structure an easy and quick process for anyone to undertake. Used in conjunction with what is commonly known as 2X2 lumber, it makes framing possible with just a few straight cuts of lumber. The brackets take the brain work out of figuring correct angle cuts when cutting lumber and does that for you so a pitched roof is easy to put together.
Since using E-Z Frames are almost like framing a stick-framed house, you can use the basic structure for any purpose and cover with the appropriate materials. It can be covered with a heavy 6mil plus plastic to create a background greenhouse to metal roofing and siding for a shed. They can be covered in chicken wire for a great chicken coop or tarps for hay storage in your yard or out in the field.

Shop our store to design or find a structure kit size that works for you! VISIT OUR E-Z Shop!

We love to answer questions and hear about any new ideas you may have for their use and welcome you to contact us!
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