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E-Z Frames!

Framing made easy!
Made in the USA!
E-Z Frame kits include:
Heavy Duty Plastic Resin Brackets, a detailed lumber cut list, and
Easy to assemble instructions!

Our E-Z Frames make your framing project easy! Choose from one of our existing kits and quickly frame up a greenhouse, shed, chicken coop or playhouse for your kids!  Our easy to assemble kits make it quick for anyone to assemble in less than a day. Our kits come with easy to follow instructions and a lumber cut list so you know the exact sizes to cut. There is no need to scratch your head and try to figure out roof angles - our brackets do that for you so all your lumber cuts are straight cuts! All you need is one of our E-Z Frame Kits, 2X2 lumber (commanly known as 2X2's - actual dimensions are slightly smaller)  found at your local lumberyard, a box of screws and cover material appropriate for the project you are working on and you are ready to go!

Feeling more creative than one of our ready made kits? We sell individual brackets too for the Do it Yourselfer so you can satisfy your imagination and build a project of your own! We always welcome new ideas for E-Z Frames and would love to get a pic of your finished project so email us one when you're done!

Don't be fooled by look alike products made of other plastic or metal, our brackets are stronger and more durable and have withstood the test of time! Our brackets have been around since the 70's. They do not crack or break and have a UV stabilizer to protect them from the sun.

Check out our website for our current kits!. If you do not see a kit size here that works for you, we can custom design one for you. Email us at: ezframestructures@gmail.com