E-Z Frame Kits

We currently offer a variety of E-Z Frame kit sizes for different uses. Are basic structure can be used for everything from a doghouse, chicken coop to a greenhouse or shed. Or use your imagination and come up with your own use! Are smallest sizes start with a basic "doghouse" size that is 38X38 in size.

We also carry a smaller size greenhouse/ chicken coop size which are 4X and 6X series sizes up to 8X in width and however long.

Our mid and large range sizes start with the 8X and the 10X widths and go up to as large as a 10X20. The 8X series features a single door entry and the 10X series a double wide door entrance.

Any of the these kits can be added to if needed. Adding options would be: adding another door or vent or partition wall.

We are currently working on a chicken coop kit series that will be coming soon to our webstore that will include enough brackets to divide one of our current structures creating a "coop" area at one end and a "yard" end at the other. They will also include enough brackets to frame in a "man" door at both ends and a "chicken" door in the partition wall and include brackets to frame a floor in the coop area!

We are also working on kits for shelving, trade show booths, raised garden bed covers and more!

We also sell brackets individually for the Do-it- Yourselfer who has their own ideas! Our brackets also work great to create a parade float or themed party or wedding design backdrop! Contact us for help in designing any of these!

To view all of our current available kit sizes....please visit our E-Z FRAME SHOP!